Getting people to care about printer supplies or managed print services isn’t easy. Creating memorable, engaging social content that can be rolled-out to 29 countries with differing cultures, languages and content calendars is definitely a challenge. Add in a KPI of raising conversion rates by 400% and the scale of the challenge is a big one.

Provocative Thought

People don’t think about printers until they go wrong. That’s the moment they stop working on their business and start worrying about printers. So, let’s not make this about printers, let’s make it about you. Buying Brother lets you focus on doing what you do best.


Product shots, specification sheets and features took a back seat to the message that Brother’s reliability and great service frees you up for more important things. Through simple messages, vibrant colour, visual cues and humour, we created posts addressing universal human emotions that drive social engagement regardless of culture or language. Then, to ensure cost-effective delivery, we created a customisation workflow to localise and distribute the content easily to 29 countries, allowing Brother to reach more people, more memorably, and dramatically improve conversion rates. 

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