Iris Financials make powerful accountancy software, well known for its high functionality. And, unfortunately, its clunky interface. Iris gave it a much-needed update, with a sleek new design and simplified layout. So, how could we get current clients and new organisations to re-appraise and switch?

Provocative thought

Whether they’re a charity, in education, or in the corporate world, our audiences are time poor. And the organisation’s finance software often isn’t the only thing on their to-do lists. They want to spend less time on the numbers and more time getting on with business.


Rather than focusing on the new design itself, we showed how ‘finance is made stunningly simple’ with Iris. Our animated characters showcase that proposition in a simple, engaging style embodying the ease customers can now expect. Delivered as multi-channel assets across social, web and direct sales support materials, the benefits to customers are now easy to see.

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