Marriott Fitness Clubs come with everything you’d expect of a high-quality gym: top equipment and classes, and often with swimming pools and spas. With the traditionally quiet summer period just around the corner, how could we attract new customers to sign up for a 6-week membership?

Provocative Thought

No one can really ‘get fit’ in 6 weeks. And we know that current members don’t use the clubs to get shredded anyway. They come to stay healthy, and enjoy all the extras that make it a great place to chill out and relax. Six weeks in a Marriott Fitness Club is a break away from home.


We asked people to join us for a 6-week summer holiday, where they can come and go and use the facilities at their leisure. Activated locally by each Fitness Club manager, we created a wealth of assets to run across social, in-gym and offline – making Marriott the go-to destination of the summer. And you didn’t need a passport to get there.

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