Having set the bar high with our Catch the Summer campaign in 2017, Transport for Greater Manchester were looking to keep the momentum going with their 2018 Metrolink off-peak travel campaign. Their target was to increase tram use and revenue during off-peak times with an ROI of at least 300%. No small feat. What’s more, this year’s campaign would need to stretch beyond summer, and across three distinct seasons.

Provocative Thought

To create a campaign that stays fresh for 8 months, we shift the focus from the ‘season’ and delve deeper into ‘experience’. Using our tried and tested social engagement strategy, Metrolink will promote, enable and curate a diverse collection of special ‘moments’ from across the city.


We created an integrated campaign that encouraged members of the public to #catchthemoment and share it with us via Facebook
(paid and organic), Instagram stories, Snapchat, OOH and on-network content. We used vibrant, animated imagery to highlight the diverse range of cultural events and attractions across the city.
To maintain interest across the
8 month campaign, the design was refreshed with each season; spring, summer and autumn.

Campaign engagement

Our initial creative invited the public to share their own Manchester ‘moments’ via the campaign hashtag. The next step was to take a selection of our favourite submissions and feature them in social posts, on concourse posters, OOH and DOOH. By using these individual ‘moments’, we increased audience engagement, encouraged more UGC and kept the campaign creative fresh.



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