At the best of times, teenagers don’t find it easy to talk about their mental health. And, since the pandemic, there are more young people struggling than ever. NHS Pennine Care has a 24/7 mental health helpline that teenagers can call anytime, but they don’t know it exists. So, how could we increase awareness?

Provocative thought

Even if teenagers had heard of it, they suspected an NHS helpline would be too busy to truly listen and ‘they’d probably just tell me to go for a walk’. To them, it was more noise in a noisy world. So, what if we made this a lot less like a typical state message and something much more on their wavelength?


Enter Cloud Girl, Battery Boy and Flower Girl, who helped teenagers to stop scrolling TikTok and take a moment to focus on themselves. Just like you can when you talk to Pennine Care. No pressure, no preconceptions – it’s your call.

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