Upstart ‘bed-in-a-box’ brands had established themselves as an easy way to buy a new mattress. And whilst Silentnight was seen as experts in their craft and with high-quality products, they weren’t seen as the easy way. So, how could we get customers to choose Silentnight when they thought ‘rolled’?

Provocative Thought

The competitors might have a name for ease but, without the quality and choice that only Silentnight offer, people were making compromises. So, what if we gave them ease, plus a carefully curated range and all with the trust of an established sleep expert?


We created Just Sleep from Silentnight – the ultimate convenience mattress brand. Our new brand name and visual vitality emitted the cool confidence of the sleep experts and helped to contemporise the Silentnight brand. TV and a new dedicated website spearheaded an integrated campaign including display, social and out-of-home.

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