The Co-operative Bank wanted to bolster its share of the current account market using a two-pronged switching incentive (£100 to the customer, £25 to a charity) to entice customers away from their existing providers via an ad campaign centred around an African tribesman. To complement other channels, The Co-operative Bank wished to make use of social media to extend the potential reach and success of their campaign.

Provocative Thought
By extending the notion of wisdom beyond the African village we developed a narrative between the wise man and The Co-operative’s mix of UK charities: The wise man thinks of others, before thinking of themselves.

We created a social campaign that leveraged behind the scenes footage from the TV Commercial. The campaign facilitated one-to-one conversations on social media, and brought consumers closer to The Co-operative’s ethical positioning. Results: 1.3m views on YouTube, 98.2% increase in Facebook Likes and over half a million engagements on Twitter & Facebook.

increase in Facebook likes
YouTube views
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