Transport for Greater Manchester and Metrolink wanted to increase patronage and revenue during off-peak – and especially over summer – with an ROI of at least 20%. And it needed to be linked, where appropriate, to a longer term aim of reducing car usage across Greater Manchester.

Provocative Thought

Off-peak activity, in the summer months, is diverse and sporadic. Manchester’s fleeting spells of sunshine mean people have to be flexible and spontaneous to seize their chances and catch the summer. So, why not capitalise on that spontaneity to build a campaign celebrating all the little moments that make summer special?


We made Metrolink an integral part of summer and the lives of Mancunians. Using a social-first approach we employed emotive imagery to capture the spirit of our Mancunian summers in every (fleeting) moment. By creating time-sensitive deals with partners and rewarding social audiences for creating content and sharing their experiences, we cemented Metrolink’s status as an integral part of Manchester life.