Making meaningful connections with your customers today requires sharp insight, strategic excellence and creative brilliance. Get this mix just right and you will reap impressive returns.

Our team of strategic planners, creatives, account services, digital and social bring together decades of brand and communications knowledge to deliver consistent success for your business.


We’re channel agnostic and skilled across many disciplines. What always matters to us is creating content which entertains, inspires or informs.

brand strategy

What does your brand say that means something to your customers?

Knowing who you are and what you stand for is what defines you. Commodities compete on price, brands compete on values.

Distilled from your brand culture and genuine insight, we refine what makes you distinctive and relevant into a clear, motivating brand strategy. We expose what your customers truly value.

brand development

How you look, sound and move earns you the right to be heard. Each audience and subculture has its own language, look and lifestyle.

Get that wrong and your message is lost, its power gone, booed off the pitch. Get it right and what you say is heard, trusted and accepted.

Dinosaur gives you the distinctive assets to position your brand as a credible, authentic, leader. Enabling you to speak with authority and impact.

integrated advertising

People are spread across an ever more fractured cultural landscape and reaching the right person, with the right message, in the right place, at the right time is getting harder.

To be noticed you need exciting advertising that is beautiful, funny, noisy and heart-breaking. Dinosaur gives you the ideas to stand out from the clutter in our complicated multiplatform world.

social media

In a world of content-overload, getting attention is tough. Emotional impact drives engagement, which drives reach. One post with 10 comments is seen by 5x as many people as 10 posts with one comment. Dull content disappears, culled by the algorithms.

Our team will give you the strategy and scroll-stopping content you need to be memorable, reach your customers and grow your brand.

online performance

Emotional brand campaigns deliver attention, but what then? If you can’t convert, those hard-won gains just slip away. IPA campaign analysis shows that campaigns blending brand and response appeals outperform all others.

Dinosaur’s integrated approach works above, through and below the line to support your brand at every step of the customer journey. That means you get a strong brand, strong sales and a healthy bottom line.


Our beliefs

We are an agency with an obsession for brand and communications.  We are creatures of culture, because making effective work demands this from us. We take in the ads, mags, memes, jokes, groans, joy, hate, data, customers, competitors, wins, fails, social streams and the whole big, messy cultural soup that surrounds what you want to achieve. 
We absorb it all. 


And then we connect it all up. And we don’t stop until it feels right. Until the answer bursts through, lighting up all those connections in a heartbeat. And when it hits, we know it’s right, and we know how it will make people feel.  


That’s the heart of truly effective work. It connects your brand directly with how people feel. Because, when you make an emotional connection with your customer, that’s when you’ve won.

Our creative principles

Know who you are

Know your purpose. Be clear why you exist. And make sure your customers know what’s in it for them.

Have a clear message

Know what you need to say. Say it.

Harness creativity

Emotional appeal beats rational thought, so surprise and stimulate the senses.
Get inside your customer’s head. Claim the mental No.1 spot.

Talk to people

Be distinctive. Demand attention and provoke a response.
Listen. Learn. And turn what you hear to your advantage.

Never trust an agency dressed in black

They love the idea of themselves more than the idea they are presenting.


  • “The team at Dinosaur feel part of our team, they are responsive, creative and one of the best agencies to work with. They always go above and beyond to deliver what is needed.”

    Fiona Edwards
    Senior Marketing Communications Manager
  • “Dinosaur have become an integral extension of our marketing team and have really got under the skin of our business to help create emotionally driven compelling communications that drive commercial benefit. Their role within our business has grown as a result of them being easy to work with and sharing our passion for helping our customers to live longer, healthier, happier lives.”

    Helen Bruce
    Head of Consumer Marketing, Bupa Healthcare
  • “Dinosaur is our partner in creative thinking and design; they take a brief and make it something powerful and engaging across our marketing channels. Nothing is too much trouble and they’re an essential part of our team.”

    Emily Oliver
    Marketing Manager
  • “We required a world-class brand identity that worked well at home and internationally. Dinosaur led the journey to that new brand.”

    Vikki O'Neill
    Marketing Manager
  • "Dinosaur are an absolute joy to work with. Their ability to understand a complex brief and deliver insight-led campaigns, is second to none. Creatively they excel; most importantly they are results focused."

    Natalie Wyatt
    Strategic Marketing Manager
  • "Dinosaur listened to our vision and their strategic approach and creative solution managed not only to differentiate in a tough market, but it also served to excellently appeal to just the right candidates."

    Lisa Crawley
    Director of Financial Business Service
  • "Agencies come and go, but a partner like Dinosaur is for the long haul!"

    Helen Hotham
    Communications Delivery and Planning Officer
  • "Dinosaur always brings a provocative thought and cut-through creative ideas. I can always expect an integrated approach to support big ideas."

    Mark Robinson-Field
    National Co-operative & Membership Manager
  • "The agency combines a deep knowledge of our business with insight into today’s UK shopper, and they use this to develop ideas that make a difference."

    Amanda Collins
    Senior Marketing Manager
  • "Dinosaur stood out from the start as a group who not only understood brand from a visual point of view, but knew how to take a brand essence and bring it alive across the organisation in all channels."

    Clare Tostevin
    Head of Strategy & Regeneration
  • “The Gym underwent rapid growth, growing from 50 gyms to over 150. Dinosaur helped us define a brand, deliver hard-working trading creative and never shied away from all the other challenges we briefed to them.

    They’re a great partner to both agile and fast-growing businesses and big scale business alike."

    Barney Harrison
    Commercial & Marketing Director
  • "Dinosaur asked the questions no one else asked. They showed that it would be too easy to assume the budget gym sector to be a solely functional one, whereas in fact it's emotionally rich and attitudinally diverse. Dinosaur’s evident passion and creative thinking has given us an exciting new strategic direction under which we feel we can really keep moving the brand forward."

    Jim Graham
    Chief Operating Officer
  • “Dinosaur pack a real punch. They respond to our challenges with superb creativity, passion and dedication. They’ve helped us deliver a creative platform for the future our brand deserves”

    Ian Lambert
    Marketing Director