Cookies Policy

We use cookies to enable us to provide the best experience for you on our website. We’ll assume that you are happy for us to use cookies. You can change your settings at any time, information is in this policy.


On your first visit, a visit from a new browser, or when you reset your cookies – you should see a message informing you that the site uses cookies and asking for your consent by you clicking “OK”. By using this website, and by clicking “OK” on this message you are agreeing to this policy and you consent to our use of cookies as described in this policy.



What are cookies?


A cookie is a small text file that your browser stores on your machine. This text file contains an identifier (letters and numbers)  that the website provides to your browser to store. On a page request identifier is sent back by the browser to the website, that the website can use to identify you and provide you with information personalised to you: for example your user preferences or shopping cart contents.


Cookies do not contain any information that personally identifies you, however information that we store about you can be retrieved, by us only, using the information from a cookie.


Cookies can also be used to provide anonymous information to track your use of the site and enable the website owners to develop a better experience.


Cookies can be “persistent” or “session” based. Persisent cookies remain on your machine until a set expiry date (unless you delete it before). A session cookie expires at the end of your browsing session – for example when the browser is closed.


What cookies do we use?


  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics provides us with statistical and other information about your use of our website by using cookies stored on your computer. Google will store this information and this is covered by their privacy policy – available at:
  • A cookie that saves your chosen preferences whilst using this site.


How do I block or delete cookies?


Most modern browsers allow you to refuse, delete and block cookies. We suggest consulting the Help section of your browser or taking a look at the About Cookies website which offers guidance for all modern browsers.


If you do delete, block or refuse cookies your experience of the website (and most others) may be degraded.


If you would like more information about our cookies policy, please contact us.