In the crowded space of football boots, Adidas’ new Predator X had to stand out as an innovative, performance-enhancing trainer that was well worth the price for serious footballers.

Provocative Thought
Serious footballers have heard it all when it comes to kit. It would not be enough to tell them about the boot, we would demonstrate why they needed the product in ways that were engaging, shareable and drove directly to sales. Anything else would be just more chatter.

This boot was about performance. Our multichannel campaign drove to a viral 3D game where players experienced first-hand how the boot supplied extra running and kicking power. Addictive gameplay and competitive leaderboards led many people to spend upwards of an hour actively engaged with the Adidas brand and product.

The campaign proved to be the most successful Predator launch ever. Within two weeks the game had 100,000 players, with a further 50% coming from Facebook and Twitter. One commerce partner logged over £500k in directly attributable sales and the campaign took home a Roses award for ‘best use of gaming’.

attributable sales
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