The UK’s biggest potato grower, Albert Bartlett, acquired Spudulike with plans to relaunch the jacket potato quick-serve-restaurant. Yet, with a large number of global and national restaurant chain brands competing for attention, diners have high expectations – so it would be crucial to step outside of the everyday and get people excited.

Provocative thought

Many people see potatoes as safe and healthy but a bit dull and uninspiring – more something you make at home. Yet, we shouldn’t take potatoes for granted; they’re a national treasure. And it’s not just jackets, people love potatoes in all forms – wedges, mash, sweet potato and more. So, we’re not merely serving spuds, we’re in the presence of greatness.


Ditching the downmarket and dated Spudulike name, we built a powerful and distinctive brand around a new name; The Great Potato. With fresh ways of serving potatoes and inventive new fillings, our new brand forced reappraisal by elevating the potato to a position of greatness. With a degree of swagger – whilst not taking things too seriously – The Great Potato, powered by Albert Bartlett’s credibility, rolled out across UK foodcourt restaurants and kiosks.

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