After 20 years in funding and corporate services, Alter Domus had forged a reputation for specialised knowledge of cross-border investments combined with close, personal attention. But having grown to over 2,400 employees in 44 locations spread across 5 continents, how could they maintain the culture that had been the bedrock of their consistent customer experience?

Provocative thought

Even the best businesses can lose touch with their employees; we’ve all been invited to share our ideas only to see it go nowhere. So, what if their ideas were at very the heart of the programme? What if we could show that when you share your issues, the business acts; and the outcome benefits you.


We declared that whatever’s grinding you down, by sharing your gripe or big idea, you would be on The Journey to Job Jubilation. Then, we launched it simultaneously across all locations with our two campaign mascots leading the way. Through animation, lenticular postcards, online, giveaways and bespoke survey booths we drove home the message that your input can transform your working life from Grrr…. to Great.

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