Araldite epoxy glues are so strong they are used to build bridges, assemble racing cars and manufacture aircraft wings. Everyday consumers can buy the same products in easy-to-use tubes and syringes to bond virtually anything. We needed to persuade repairers and creators to switch their current glue and trade up to the superior Araldite.

Provocative thought

Everyone feels proud when fixing items around the home, especially when those objects have meaning for your loved ones. So rather than challenge superglues head-on, undertake brand-building through the heart.


We showcased Araldite adhesive as the glue that allows you to be the home hero, confident that whatever you stick, stays stuck. Our film celebrates the unbreakable bonds between father and son and how Araldite adhesive helps strengthen the bond. Running across VOD, YouTube and Facebook, the film was supported by engaging YouTube pre-rolls served to match people’s specific fix searches. Backed with Google ads, online display and instore, with special executions for Spring and Christmas bursts.

As many clicks delivered vs. forecast
Video views

In the UK, Araldite adhesives are distributed by Velcro Companies. Araldite is a registered trademark of Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof in one or more, but not all, countries. Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof.

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