Nearly 40% of helpdesk calls are about printing problems and they spend £8 on management for every £1 on printing. Printing can be a headache for IT managers. Managed Print Services from Brother reduces costs, management time and even the number of printers they have to maintain. So, how could we communicate that messaging in an engaging way which resonates in the 29 different European countries where Brother use our content? 

Provocative thought

Print problems are the bane of an IT manager’s life. Every single person who can’t print will grumble to you about it, causing you extra work and generally destroying your day. By showing that we truly understand your pain, could we capture your attention and clear the space to reveal a better way? 


We showed that we viscerally understood the problem, then positioned Brother as the solution. Our film highlights the travails of an IT manager stuck in print hell, then show that Brother will leave you with Time to get on with Business. Through supporting social posts, blogs and ‘rational’ as well as emotional arguments, we proved how Managed Print Services simplifies and improves your life. 

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