People are more likely to talk about mental health issues with a counsellor than a healthcare provider. Yet Bupa offers market-leading care for people suffering mental health issues. Their skilled and compassionate nurses help a wide range of people. Whether it’s someone who’s drinking over two litres of gin a day or someone gripped by constant, crippling anxiety, there’s help on hand. So, how could we show that, whatever the issue, Bupa is there for people just like us?

Provocative thought

When facing issues such as anxiety, depression or addiction, we often feel alone, isolated and not ‘normal’. In fact, every year, one in four of us experiences mental health issues. It’s normal. What if we could tell the true stories of ‘normal’ people who have been affected by poor mental health and show how Bupa helped them?


Taking a sensitive and reassuring approach, we created films capturing the frank honesty of former patients telling true stories of their emotional suffering and how Bupa’s nurses were there to help them through it. Our campaign gained attention with short-form video and favourability with long-form video across web and social. Our emotive videos drove action, with a 42% increase in inbound enquiries.


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