The Co-op wanted to launch its support partnership with parkrun. Since 2004, parkrun has organised free, weekly runs across the country open to people of all ages and abilities. During this time, they have built up a passionate community of well over a million runners and volunteers. So, how could The Co-op actively support them and demonstrate their own passion for local community and healthy living without treading on any toes?

Provocative Thought

Both parkrun and Co-op work to build healthier, happier communities through positive lifestyle choices. And, if parkrun’s role is to keep people active, then the Co-op’s role is to keep people eating well. So, let’s take time to celebrate their community and to actively support them in their healthy eating choices.


We headed to Bushy Park on a crisp Saturday morning – the location of the original parkrun. There we snapped runners of all ages and abilities as they ran, jogged, walked and chatted together – to feature across the creative.


The campaign brought to life the Co-op’s key role in the partnership with #healthyswaps – simple recipes and tips to support healthier eating. Participants were also rewarded with a Co-op goodie box filled with healthy food and were encouraged to share their experiences on social with #parkrunxcoop.  

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