Economic abuse is a prevalent form of domestic abuse – from a report conducted by The Co-operative Bank and Refuge, it was found that 8.7milllion (1 in 6) people in the UK have experienced this. During the Covid pandemic, at a time when domestic abuse was so high on the public agenda, how could we educate potential victims about economic abuse?

Provocative thought

Less than a third of people have heard of the term ‘economic abuse’. Many people experiencing this insidious form of abuse don’t even realise it’s happening to them. So, in order educate victims, we first needed to raise awareness – what is economic abuse, and what are the signs to look out for?


Our campaign centred around providing a wide range of real-life examples of abuse and signposted our audience to resources and helplines that could support them. If you “know economic abuse”, you’re empowered to recognise the signs of the abuse you may be experiencing and soon realise you’re not alone. A multi-channel campaign, our paid media alone delivered 6.3 million impressions and over 19,000 clicks.

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