For years, Alton Towers offered a traditional Halloween fireworks display that had gradually come to be seen as humdrum. The leading amusement park decided to take things to the next level with a highly-interactive Halloween experience that would be anything but “ordinary”. How could the park communicate the shift to an unequaled, immersive experience?

Provocative Thought
All sorts of establishments – from supermarkets to restaurants –were promoting Halloween “events.” But Alton Towers would promote a full-scale experience using whatever means necessary to drive awareness and attendance.

Alton Towers would own Halloween– this was not about an event, this was about a full-scale production. Befitting the scale and quality of the product, we gave the integrated campaign the Hollywood treatment. Not wanting to lose the all-important family audience, we communicated around three demographic targets – kids, teens and young adults. The result was a legendary experience with legendary attendance numbers for the Halloween reboot.

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