Having delivered a successful launch two years earlier, the Corn Exchange, the go-to place for high-quality social dining experiences, wanted to boost trade for its individual tenants. But how do you build brand recognition – and footfall – in a highly competitive sector, when your brand has numerous other brands within it?

Provocative Thought

What if we were to move away from the idea of the Corn Exchange being a ‘destination’, and play with the concept of it being a ‘gateway’? What if we gave people a means of exploring the world, from a single location?


To build awareness and understanding of the Corn Exchange, we created an integrated campaign – including outdoor, web, direct mail and search – that invited people to ‘Go wherever your tastebuds take you’. Early indicators show an increase in footfall, with a 43% month-on-month growth in web enquiries too.

MoM increase in website enquiries Jan '18
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