Property company, Viridis, wanted to build a new UK-wide premium student residence brand. Its initial thought was to use each location’s local history and architecture as design cues, with each building being its own ‘brand’. But, how could we connect these separate location-brands to build a single, memorable one?

Provocative Thought

Student life isn’t about the past; it’s about the future. While connecting to local culture and history is important, the time you spend at University, the lifestyle you lead and the future you in which you invest, is what counts.


Dinosaur elevated the offer above the locational element and made Viridis an integral part of the student journey. Viridis embedded itself into the student lifestyle and focused on their future; the guiding light of possibility and opportunity, our ‘bright young things’. Dinosaur created the brand name, Lumis, as well as a series of omni-channel and modular concepts. As part of the branding work, each the concepts centred around provocative headlines – along with supporting graphics, colour palettes and brand guidelines – that gave a nod to aspects of the cities in which they were built.

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