From a company PA to a professional agent, anyone organising a meeting or event is under increasing pressure to deliver ever more exciting experiences. Marriott offer a bespoke service for two to 2,000 people and with so many options and add-ons, the sky’s the limit. But with a plethora of alternative venues, how do we make Marriott their go-to location?

Provocative thought

The person making the booking will seek something exceptional, so their client or boss can reap the business and personal rewards of a successful meeting. Yet, the booker also wants credit for themselves, after all, it’s their event too. So, instead of making Marriott the only hero, let’s be sure to big up the booker.


We championed and celebrated all the superb meeting organisers and showed how Marriott would help them be the master of meetings. To help Marriott reach the booker, we created online advertising and sales packs including team games and energizers. By identifying with the role of the booker, we made a personal connection and helped Marriott rise above the stale language of the competition.  

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