The Midcounties Co-op had been serving Chipping Norton successfully for 150 years. When a new branch of the discount juggernaut Aldi rolled into town, how could it best defend its market share and stop the discounter in its tracks?

Provocative Thought
Whilst price is at the heart of the grocery retail war, that’s not a fight to pick with a discounter. So shift the axis and ask the community to consider what it really valued.

We created a multichannel campaign centred around a bespoke magazine which engaged the community in the symbiotic relationship between Chipping Norton and its Co-op. Taking a confident and celebratory approach, we invited the locals to “share what they love” about their Co-op; from it’s fantastic food and support of hyper-local suppliers to helping refurbish the local theatre. This love created excitement and buzz around the entire town, and meant revenue has not only been protected but increased.

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