After the progress made during lockdown, Coronavirus cases were rising once more across Greater Manchester, with under 21’s particularly affected. Unfortunately, people in this demographic often think they’re immune to Covid-19 and exempt from the rules. How could we persuade them to take the rules more seriously?

Provocative thought

Scare stories about falling ill just won’t work. Under 21s think Covid-19 can’t touch them. But what if we made it clear to them that they don’t live in a Covid bubble? The more they spread the virus, the bigger the knock-on effect would be on their social life, work and family – all things that do affect them.


Avoiding any finger-pointing, we were careful to make Covid the enemy – not the people breaking the rules. By reminding them “It’s not gone yet”, we could be direct, without being condescending. Our bold creative stood out from the cold, government messages this group had become accustomed to seeing. The campaign refreshed them on the key actions which would help us all get back on track and towards reducing cases.

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