Confidence in the NHS had dropped significantly since the rallying support shown during the pandemic, and all parts of the healthcare system faced increased pressure during the winter months. Overcrowded A&E departments and GP surgeries, with people who could perhaps have used different services, meant delays for those who really needed urgent care and attention. The NHS was adapting to support its patients, but how could we get people to be part of these changes and not push against them?

Provocative Thought

The vast majority of people don’t use health services wrongly because they’re malicious or want to cause problems, they do it because they’re worried and don’t always know which service to choose in the moment of need. People don’t want choice, they need help making better decisions.


Bold, illustrated ‘condition-couplets’ and strong directional arrows re-enforced it as a campaign about informed decision-making. Running across OOH, PR, online and in health centres, Get to Know Where to Go helped people to use the right services, for the right reason, at the right time across hospitals and A&E, GPs, out of hours GPs, dentists, pharmacists and self-care.

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