Pets at Home asked us to develop a social-first campaign to advertise their VIP Subscribe & Save flea treatment. But with fleas being so tiny, gruesome and ugly to look at, how could we show them, yet keep the campaign entertaining, watchable, and family-friendly? And how could we create a campaign that’s all about fleas, but that focuses on the end result of a flea-free home.

Provocative Thought

A key audience insight was the sheer horror they’d feel about having a flea-infested home. The first sign of which usually involves an overly-scratchy pet. So why not show how, with VIP Subscribe & Save, you can relax knowing you’ll never miss another treatment and your home will be scratching free. Well, almost…


Enter K-9 and Lil Smudge, our rapping and scratching duo of flea-free animals, as they tell us why the only scratching in their home is on the decks. Our rap-themed video tapped into pet owners’ love for their animals, the daft things they do, and the feeling of relief when they’re protected from fleas. We delivered it across a fully-integrated media plan, including YouTube pre roll, Facebook, Instagram, digital display, national press, and in-store activations.

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