The challenge

Build to rent is the most buoyant sector in the property sector. That means it’s densely populated, predominantly by developments positioned around lustre and luxury located in the obvious/established parts of Manchester. Our research revealed two problems – first, a sense that these places might be stunning but would come with a prohibitively high cost. Second, that they would be sterile and soulless.

Provocative thought

We identified a key insight – this audience rejects the superficial sheen of typical BTR developments, their lifeless settings, and their overly crafted comms. We needed to positively embrace Piccadilly East’s industrial heritage, its rawness and grit, its “up and coming” trajectory and independent spirit. And convince them that they could shape the place as much as it would shape them.

Hence the proposition – shape a life at The Castings


A brand identity and launch campaign that challenged the conventions of BTR and that could only be for The Castings – forged from industrial shapes, flowing forms, and molten textures to position The Castings as the new centre of gravity for the city.

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