The Gym was launching its new ‘enhanced’ membership package, LIVE IT. Developed in response to member feedback, LIVE IT. offers a range of extra member benefits, including multi-gym access, bring a friend and unlimited body composition measurements. But how does a budget gym famous for revolutionising low-cost fitness introduce a higher-cost membership?

Provocative Thought

Instead of adding advertising ‘gloss’, let’s bring the LIVE IT. membership to life in an honest, authentic way. How? By showing how LIVE IT. is making a real difference in the lives of real members. Through members’ own brave and inspirational fitness journeys, we can show how LIVE IT. and The Gym can help everyone boost their health and wellbeing.


We invited gym members, Harriet and James, to share their LIVE IT. stories – wobbly bits and all. In two short documentary-style films, they talk candidly about the challenges they face, and The Gym’s role in helping them transform their physical and emotional wellbeing. The films were shown in-gym to encourage conversion with cut-downs featured on paid and organic social with the hashtag #IMLIVINGIT. The campaign was further supported with ecrm, retargeting, competitions and specially designed gym classes – all working to build a picture of how ‘You get more out of the gym when you LIVE IT.’

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