With a range of mattresses to suit every type of sleeper, when it comes to sleep, Silentnight are market leaders. However, they were losing share to noisier, bed-in-a-box competitors whose flashy comms – yet tiny mattress range – made it feel like an easier choice. How could we break the spell and fight back? 

Provocative thought

Because we all have very different sleep needs, how can a company with only a couple of mattress options have something to suit me? So, what if we help people, sucked in by our competitors, wake up the fact that they were putting up with a mattress wholly unsuitable for them?


The campaign features a pyjama-clad army of people who understand that Silentnight’s wide range means they can put compromise to bed. Running on TV and VOD, and supported by OOH, press, social and display, we helped Silentnight re-take the crown as the rightful leaders of sleep.

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