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Tackling youth homelessness with The Co-operative Bank


It’s been 25 years since the Co-operative Bank launched its Ethical Policy. For a high street bank that has built its brand difference on its values and ethics, that’s a real cause for celebration. As part of their 25 year celebrations, The Co-operative Bank has launched their latest Current Account switching campaign – with an ethical twist.

Something for you, something for them 

The ethical pillars that underpin The Co-operative Bank have been created with the help of their customers. They reflect their stance on a wide range of issues, from acting with honesty and transparency right up to refusing to lend money to businesses involved in unethical practices such as arms dealing or pay-day loans.

It’s not rare to see banks offer cash incentives for switching your current account to them. However, no high street bank offers both cash and a charitable donation as part of their switching incentive. Apart from The Co-operative Bank.

The switching deal offers £125 cash for the individual plus a £25 donation to Centrepoint. Centrepoint is The Co-operative Bank’s charity partner for 2017. They support 150,000 homeless and vulnerable young people across the UK. They help them to get off the streets, and provide the support they need to restore their physical and mental health so they can return to education, training or work.

The money raised will go towards The Centrepoint Helpline. The helpline provides advice to young people who feel as though they have nowhere to turn. It’ll also fund training and counselling to help individuals develop the skills and confidence they need to get a job and a home.

Sending out the right brand message

Dinosaur has produced a suite of brand design communications to raise awareness of the switch incentive. It includes posters and leaflets to appear in all branches, and digital banners for the brand website. Working within The Co-operative Bank brand guidelines, the creative design uses a heart ornament to bring warmth to the visuals. It also reflects 25 years of the ethical policy plus The Co-operative Bank’s commitment to looking after others too.

Matthew Carter, director of products and communications at The Co-operative Bank said: “This new switching incentive is a way to thank our new customers for choosing to bank with us, and also enables them to help give young homeless people a future through our charity partner Centrepoint.”

The switching campaign is live now. More information can be found at

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