Dinosaur and Sky make waves

Our short film about ocean plastic pollution


A primetime slot on Sky News, an introduction from a sporting hero, and over 100,000 views on social media. If you’ve got a story you want to share, big names and widespread coverage can help you do it. But if it isn’t told in the right way, it won’t hit home. So, Sky asked us to help them tell a story that can’t be ignored.


A plastic problem that’s very real

Our oceans are filling up with plastic and it’s becoming a global concern. Sky Ocean Rescue launched in 2017 to shine light on issues like this and others affecting the ocean’s health.

With some big goals in mind to reduce single-use plastics, they joined forces with Team Sky to design an awareness-raising jersey for this year’s Tour de France. Our challenge was to help them launch it.

We worked together to create a short, powerful launch film. A three-pronged attack to raise awareness of the ‘plastics problem’, of the great work Sky Ocean Rescue do, and of Team Sky’s new jersey too.

The film launched during a primetime slot on Sky News with Chris Froome, reigning champion of all three grand tours.

As well as featuring prominently on Team Sky’s social channels, it continues to be broadcast across TV stations worldwide, including Sky Sports and the cycling networks.

We told a story that can’t be ignored

There’s a lot of conversation about the plastic in our oceans right now. In many ways, that’s the problem. There’s so much noise it’s hard for people to get to grips with the issue we’re facing.

The scale of the issue isn’t always clear, neither are the facts and figures. So, we refrained from adding more noise to the mix,  from being too ‘style-over-substance’. Instead, we kept things really simple.

Our film is built on a juxtaposition of powerful statements against a backdrop of beautiful blue ocean waves. This enabled us to get the message across in a simple, elegant way.

We made it fit for (multi-) purpose too

Stripped back to motion graphics and key facts, the film was designed with social in mind. Short bursts of bite-sized information. Powerful statements. An easy-to-digest message.

We wanted to connect with people on an emotional level, to remind them of exactly what Sky Ocean Rescue and Team Sky are on a mission to help save.

And early results – across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube – suggest it’s having the impact we set out to achieve.



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