Celebrating Co-op Bank's difference

Bringing 25 years of ethical banking to life


The Co-operative Bank is proud to be different to other high street banks. And what makes them different? Their ethical approach to banking. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the bank’s unique customer-led ethical policy, and Dinosaur has been helping them celebrate the occasion.

Business built on fair foundations

The Co-operative Bank launched its first customer-led ethical policy back in 1992. It’s a wide-ranging set of principles that form the foundations on which the bank has built their business. They cover everything, from fair account charges to human rights.

Today, The Co-operative Bank is still the only high street bank in the UK to have a customer-led ethical policy.

Over the last 25 years, 320,000 customers have taken part in their ethical polls. The customers share their opinions about the things that matter the most to them and the results define the bank’s approach. So as their customers’ values and opinions evolve, the ethical policy reflects the changes.

For a bank that believes good business and good ethics go hand in hand, 25 years is an important milestone.

Causes for celebration

The Co-operative Bank wanted to celebrate the part their customers have played in shaping the Ethical Policy, and let them know that their opinions really do make a difference.

As part of this brand campaign, they also wanted to tell their customer about their commitment to listening to what matters to them. This includes making sure their money is being used for good and campaigning for what their customers think is right.

The campaign was to run in branch, online, on social and via email and direct mail.

Spreading the ethical message on and offline

The first step was to brand the 25th anniversary with a logo. The logo needed to bring to life the customer-led ethical policy, and would feature across all communications, both internal and external.








This was followed by an in-branch leaflet and poster campaign that highlighted the three key commitments of The Co-operative Bank.

A bespoke brand direct mail was sent out to every customer that has been with the bank 25 years or more. After all, it’s these customers that have helped The Co-operative Bank shape their Ethical Policy and deserved the recognition.

The final element to the campaign was a deskaid. These are handy prompts used by colleagues to make sure discussions with customers always stay on-brand. It featured key facts and conversations starters about the 25 year anniversary.


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Contact Us:
To find out how Dinosaur could help you get great results, phone Nicola on
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